Centuries of know-how, culture and tradition go into making the cigars our industry produces. On behalf of its members, ECMA strives to ensure that there will always be a strong and diverse industry manufacturing the traditional enjoyment products that cigars represent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the long sustainability of the cigar/cigarillos industry.

Our Objectives

ECMA proudly represents and defends a European traditional trade craft that has lasted for centuries and, with it, the interests of 19 members companies as well as 8 national associations. 

ECMA helps its members to navigate the complex EU regulatory environment, notably by providing comprehensive regulatory monitoring and horizon scanning and developing adequate strategies to deal with identified issues and challenges for the industry, their products and the people who dedicate their working time, professional creativity and sense for quality to the production of traditional cigars/cigarillos.

ECMA defends the diversity of the cigars/cigarillos industry and its difference vis-à-vis mass consumption tobacco products.